Java Performance in 2021

How AI optimization will debunk 4 long-standing Java tuning myths, by Stefano Doni @Performance Summit London 2

Performance Optimization Face-Off: AWS DocumentDB vs MongoDB

Discover how AI-driven performance optimization changes the price-performance equation.

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A Needle in the Haystack: Optimizing Cloud Configurations for Price-Performance

Find the best cloud configurations for price-performance, using automated load testing and AI.
Neotys VirtualPAC 2019 – Stefano Doni

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Let the Machines Optimize the Machines: Goal-Driven Performance Tuning

Hosts: Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace DevOps Activist and Brian Wilson, Performance Activist
Guest: Stefano Doni, Akamas CTO

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Achieve Superhuman Performance with Machine Learning

How machine learning can beat human experts at optimizing application performance?
NeotysPAC 2019 – Stefano Doni

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