What is application-aware optimization?

Optimize entire applications, not just your cloud

Unlike conventional cloud optimization tools, Akamas takes into account the configuration and behavior of distributed applications, ensuring that improvements in infrastructure and system efficiency do not come at the cost of application availability, performance and critical business KPIs.


Optimize the full infrastructure and application stack

Akamas supports the full range of technologies across enterprise IT and cloud stacks, from Kubernetes configurations, to application runtime settings like Node.js and JVM. This ensures that Akamas takes into account interdependencies between configurations, preventing changes to one part of the system that adversely affect others.

Akamas Full-stack Autonomous Workload Optimization Platform
Akamas Platform Goals
Goal oriented

Balance optimization goals, SLOs and constraints

Akamas users can task the AI with user-defined optimizations goals, such as maximizing application throughput or minimizing cloud resource usage, or a combination of goals. You can also specify hard SLOs or other constraints, such as maximum latency or minimum transactions guarantees.

Prevent dangerous configuration changes in production

Thanks to its application-awareness, Akamas learns continuously from the system’s behavior and automatically avoids configuration changes that could adversely impact performance, costs or availability. Akamas operates as an attentive, ever present copilot, stopping configuration mistakes before they are made.
Akamas Platform Safety
Akamas Automated Autonomous Workload Optimization Platform

Automate testing campaign and continuous optimization

Akamas can autonomously manage extensive testing studies, encompassing hundreds of test iterations. It can also continuously optimize application configurations in production. These configurations can be reviewed and approved by humans, or applied in CI/CD pipelines automatically by Akamas itself.

Production or testing.
One platform.

Improve Service
Increase Service
Reduce cloud & IT
Increase Business

The Akamas AI technology

At its core, the Akamas platform uses proprietary reinforcement learning algorithms, observability, and cloud technology to autonomously optimize workloads. Read the white paper for a deep dive into Akamas AI.

Live optimization

Optimize live applications against dynamic, production workloads. Akamas features dynamic optimization of cloud-native applications based on live data, SLOs, and safety policies.

Offline optimization

Akamas supports iterative optimization and testing based on automatic experiments, custom workflows, load scripting, automatic stability windowing, and performance analytics.

Any system,
any technology

The Akamas platform is designed open, flexible, and compatible with all major cloud platforms, observability and load testing solutions.

Akamas Integrations

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