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Akamas is the AI-powered autonomous optimization solution that enables enterprises and online businesses to deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience at minimum cost.

Built by veterans in performance engineering and data science, Akamas exploits advanced machine learning techniques to optimize hundreds of interdependent service configuration parameters while matching both technical and business goals.

Akamas customers include leading enterprise organizations in financial and online services. Akamas is a company of Moviri, a global software and professional services group.

Built on 20 years of performance engineering

Akamas is part of Moviri, a global technology group with a track record of delivering innovative products and solutions to global markets. Moviri’s history starts with the development of Neptuny Caplan, the industry leading capacity planning solution, acquired in 2010 by BMC Software. 

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Talent is the most important source of our competitive advantage and we invest relentlessly in it. We take pride in the talent we attract and work hard to maintain an innovative, stimulating, modern workplace.

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We believe diversity represents a key to driving great innovation and we operate to ensure sustainability in our and customers’ environments.

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