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Any company relying on IT to provide critical services to their users faces the challenge to keep delivering maximum performance, resilience and cost efficiency and match SLOs while the workloads vary, new applications are released and the underlying middleware and infrastructure layers change. 

In today’s world of complex applications, whether monolithic or microservices, and software architectures, often spanning both datacenter and clouds, this may require tuning hundreds of parameters and choosing among thousands of configurations and cloud instances.

A manual approach to this task defies even the best human experts – and does not align well with DevOps practices, faster release cycles, and the need to support the business speed. Negative consequences can be measured both in terms of missed opportunities and potential risks. 

The Akamas optimization platform is the unique, enterprise-grade solution designed to effectively support performance engineers, SRE teams, and developers in keeping complex, real-world applications optimized both in real-time (live optimizations) and with respect to any planned or what-if scenarios (optimization studies). 

Read our flyer to understand the Akamas approach, key capabilities and benefits.

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