Dynatrace Cloud Automation module uniquely combines automatic and intelligent observability with an enterprise-grade control plane to automate delivery and operations. The module helps organizations automate the entire software development lifecycle and orchestration process for faster innovation and less risk.

The unique combination of Dynatrace Cloud Automation and Akamas AI-powered optimization platform allows users to identify and optimize resource bottlenecks in early test stages, before applications would hit production, and reduce the need for manual interventions.

This video illustrates the integration of Akamas with Cloud Automation. Thanks to Akamas API-based and Infrastructure-as-Code design and to Dynatrace Cloud Automation’s flexible sequences and quality gates, an optimization step can be easily included in any CI/CD pipeline. 

The integration of Akamas with Cloud Automation enables a continuous optimization process that ensures application releases are not delayed because of failed quality gates and that no manual intervention by the DevOps team is required to investigate and remediate the issue. Thanks to this integration, higher-quality releases are shipped at the expected speed to support the desired business agility.

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