Java Performance in 2021

How AI optimization will debunk 4 long-standing Java tuning myths, by Stefano Doni @Performance Summit London 2

Italian AWS Podcast: Performance Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Akamas CTO Stefano Doni joins Alex Casalboni, host of the official Italian-language AWS Podcast, to discuss how Akamas was born and how it uses reinforcement learning to optimize cloud performance and cost.

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Autonomous Performance Optimization for Apache Spark

Improve Apache Spark performance tuning, availability, and cost with AI-driven performance optimization.


Min $: Optimizing Spark Costs on AWS with AI-Powered Tuning

Discover how to use AI techniques to find the optimal configuration for your Apache Spark application, with Luca Cavazzana @ Neotys VirtualPAC 2020

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AI Assisted Instance Tuning with Akamas

At Dynatrace Perform 2020, we spoke about what Akamas has achieved in the last year and what we have in mind for the future.

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Performance Management, Efficiency and Scalability for Java

Learn how to manage JVM garbage collectors, find hidden performance bottlenecks, predict capacity needs and cut CPU usage in Java applications.


Faster Apps, Lower Bills: Optimizing Travel Search in the Cloud

Learn more about’s unique challenges, the approach we took, and how Akamas delivered unexpected performance and cost results in less than 2 weeks.


Akamas at Performance Summit Powered by Facebook

In this video, learn how AI-powered autonomous performance optimization can tune IT stack configurations to deliver unprecedented application performance, deployment agility, and cost savings.

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Performance Engineering. Rebooted.

Download this Akamas summary sheet to find out what AI-powered performance optimization can do for your business.


A Guide to Autonomous Performance Optimization

In this Performance Clinic episode, Stefano Doni explains the practical steps you need to take to automate optimizations of your enterprise, cloud, or database systems leveraging observability data from Dynatrace.
Speakers: Stefano Doni (Akamas) and Andreas Grabner (Dynatrace)

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AI-Driven Optimization: The Key to More Performance for Lower Costs

In this webinar with NeoLoad, we present our integration and a demo regarding the automatic optimization of a containerized Java application.
Speakers: Stefano Doni (Akamas) and Henrik Rexed (Neotys)

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Cover Autonomous Performance Optimization Cloud

Autonomous Performance Optimization for the Cloud

Why only AI-powered optimization can maximize performance and cost savings of cloud applications.

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Cover Autonomous Performance Optimization Java

Autonomous Performance Optimization for Java

Why Java applications need AI-powered configuration tuning to minimize resource utilization and guarantee SLAs.

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Continuous Performance Optimization of Java Applications

Discover the benefits offered by shifting performance testing and optimization practices closer to development.
Neotys PAC 2020 – Giovanni Paolo Gibilisco

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Seeing is Knowing: Measuring CPU Throttling in Containerized Environments

Find out what throttling means, when it happens and its impact on end users.
Neotys PAC 2020 – Edoardo Varani

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Extracting 1.5x Throughput from a Payments Application

Reach unthinkable levels of performance with the power of machine learning, while saving costs and delivering services faster.

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