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Making applications faster, cheaper, and more reliable with AI Akamas is the optimization software that improves the performance, reliability, and cost of enterprise applications. We use AI to radically enhance the productivity and capabilities of performance engineers, SREs and DevOps.

Cloud Cost Optimization: A panel interview with Zesty and Akamas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=makKv-o8dSc akamas partner Moviri recently hosted an insightful panel discussion featuring Luca Forni, CEO of Akamas, and Shaked Gilad, Partner Sales Manager at Zesty. This video delves into the partnership between Moviri, Akamas, and Zesty, in the field of cloud cost

Video Akamas app for Dynatrace AppEngine
Akamas for Dynatrace AppEngine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoTKOwx6e2o In this video, we preview the Akamas app for Dynatrace AppEngine – an autonomous optimization solution that helps customers reduce costs and improve the reliability and performance of applications. This app brings Akamas optimization directly into Dynatrace, allowing customers

Akamas Live Optimizations Video
Akamas Live Optimizations Video Series

Akamas provides a single platform to optimize applications both in pre-production environments, for example to anticipate planned changes, cloud migration or chaos engineering scenarios, and directly live in production while applications are running under dynamically varying workloads. This video series

SMC Journal Episode 092
Akamas CEO and CTO interview at Kubecon 2022 with Scott Moore

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JDdu0kjRwk Watch this interview by Scott Moore with Luca Forni (Akamas CEO) and Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) at the Akamas booth at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022 in Detroit. Scott, Luca and Stefano touch on several topics, including the

Interview: Akamas CTO unveils version 3.0 with Scott Moore

Scott Moore, recognized performance expert and consultant at Scott Moore Consulting, interviews Akamas CTO, Stefano Doni, about the release of Akamas 3.0. Scott and Stefano know each other from the early days of Akamas, when the Akamas platform was focused

Akamas video optimization insights
Akamas Optimization Insights: Understand potential tradeoffs among competing KPIs

This video demonstrates the power of the Akamas Optimization Insights feature. Akamas AI-powered optimization allows you to automatically identify the optimal configurations by simply specifying the optimization goal & constraints. The Akamas Optimization Insights feature now automatically presents configurations that

Akamas integration Dynatrace Cloud Automation
Akamas continuous optimization with Dynatrace Cloud Automation

Dynatrace Cloud Automation module uniquely combines automatic and intelligent observability with an enterprise-grade control plane to automate delivery and operations. The module helps organizations automate the entire software development lifecycle and orchestration process for faster innovation and less risk. The

Akamas K8s optimization Video
Optimizing Kubernetes microservices applications

Due to the complexity of Kubernetes microservices applications, typically many days and weeks of manual effort are spent, just for tuning one single microservice. However, overprovisioning neither avoids slowdowns or resilience issues nor helps make the delivered service cost-effective. This

Is it observable interview Akamas
How to optimize your Kubernetes application with Stefano Doni

In this episode of the “Is It Observable” series by Henrik Rexed (Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace), Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) discusses the benefits of AI to optimize Kubernetes microservices applications. Stefano also demonstrated how to easily setup Akamas for applying AI-powered optimization

Akamas Google Dataproc Video
Optimizing Google Dataproc

Google Dataproc is a fully-managed service that hosts open-source distributed processing platforms such as Apache Spark, Presto, and Apache Hadoop on Google Cloud. Dataproc provides the flexibility to manage and configure clusters of varying size, on-demand. However, even with Dataproc users

Akamas AWS Lambda functions video
Optimizing AWS Lambda functions

Finding the right balance between memory, execution time and cost for applications leveraging AWS Lambda can be quite tricky. In this short video, we show how Akamas can optimize applications that use serverless computing resources, such as AWS Lambda.

Akamas Jenkins CI CD pipeline Video
Akamas Continuous Optimization: Integration with Jenkins in the CI/CD pipeline

Akamas AI-powered performance optimization can be easily integrated in any CI/CD pipeline to ensure that applications are always delivered with an optimal configuration. This short video illustrates how Akamas can be integrated into a Jenkins pipeline to support this continuous

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