Discover the AI-driven full-stack solution for continuous performance optimization.

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Discover the AI-driven full-stack solution for continuous performance optimization.

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Today, IT stacks come with hundreds of configuration choices impacting application performance and infrastructure costs. Turning the right knobs can yield dramatic improvements, but the number of possible combinations has grown beyond what any human can manage. Akamas optimizes IT stacks automatically and safely at machine learning scale.

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Banking Application
transactions per second
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Java and Docker
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Powered by AI

Akamas uses proprietary reinforcement learning algorithms to solve intractable optimization problems. It intelligently explores the vast and complex space of today’s software configurations to find optimal settings.


Akamas outperforms today’s trial-and-error manual optimization processes by automatically designing performance experiments, analyzing outcomes, evaluating configuration effectiveness and deploying settings to live systems.


Akamas optimizes the entire IT stack to achieve user-defined goals, such as the maximization of application throughput and minimization of latency. State the goal and let Akamas work out the best settings to improve specific KPIs.


Akamas provides a flexible, all-encompassing optimization platform for any technology, from operating systems to middleware and application-level configurations. No code changes are required.

Optimization Packs

A library of software modules supports a broad range of leading software technologies.

Need more? The Akamas platform is open and can be configured to optimize any custom environment via its SDK.

How Akamas achieved 1.5x performance on a core banking platform

Reach unthinkable levels of performance while saving costs and delivering services faster

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Performance Optimization Face-Off: AWS DocumentDB vs MongoDB

How AI-driven tuning changes the price-performance equation

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  • Dynatrace Perform Summit Barcelona

    Join us at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I for Dynatrace Perform Summit Barcelona 2019. You will hear stories of innovation and inspiration from the world’s biggest brands. The event runs from Tuesday, May 21st to Wednesday, May 22nd. Send an email to info@akamas.io to schedule a meeting or book a live demo during the event.

  • VMworld US

    We look forward to welcoming you to VMworld 2019 US, where the people and organizations creating the digital foundation for technology and business transformation gather together!
    When? From Sunday, August 25th to Thursday, August 29th
    Where? Moscone Center, San Francisco


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Akamas is a new breed of performance optimization company that uses machine learning technology to help global enterprise organizations harness the true power of their IT stack.

The complexity of modern IT stack optimization, across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments, has grown exponentially with the interplay of hundreds of tuning parameters across each layer of the stack. The full grasp of this complexity is beyond the reach of even the most experienced and skilled IT professionals.

Built by deep experts in performance engineering, capacity management, and big data analytics, Akamas is an autonomous system that independently and systematically applies innovative machine learning models to safely and automatically optimize the configuration of hundreds of concurrent parameters.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy with offices in Asia and North America, Akamas is a company of the Moviri Group, a global software and professional services leader with long-standing relationships with hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide and counts BMC Software, Dynatrace, Microfocus/HPE, Neotys, Splunk among its partners.

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