Optimize your live applications for performance and cost

Akamas AI-powered optimization platform supports performance engineers, SRE teams, and developers in keeping complex, real-world applications optimized both in real-time and with respect to any planned or what-if scenarios. Akamas live optimizations are applied to production systems that need to

Akamas White paper AWS DocumentDb vs MongoDB
Performance optimization face-off: AWS DocumentDB vs MongoDB

Key findings: How do AWS DocumentDB and MongoDB stack up in terms of performance; The cost implications of moving to a fully managed database; How AI-driven performance optimization reduces MongoDB costs by up to 5x.

Akamas White Paper banking platform
How Akamas achieved 1.5x performance on a core banking platform

Banks and financial companies operate in a strictly regulated and increasingly competitive market, which requires carefully balancing the need to deliver high-quality services to their end-users with the need to improve on their cost-efficiency. This case study describes the results