Gartner reports “Hype Cycle for Software Engineering 2022” (ID G00771312, published August 1st, 2022)” and “Hype Cycle for Open-Source Software 2022” (ID G00771218, published July, 20th 2022) cover critical areas of interest for software engineering leaders who want to track innovations that leverage open-source software and AI tools to improve the software engineering practice.

In particular, this Hype Cycle report documents the emergence of “AI-Augmented Software Engineering” (AIASE) tools. These tools leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help software engineers improve their ability to create and deliver applications: “AIASE commonly integrates with an engineer’s existing tools to provide them with real- time, intelligent feedback and suggestions.”

According to Gartner, the importance of AIASE tools relies on the fact that “[t]oday’s software development life cycle consists of routine and repetitive tasks that AI tools are able to automate. Such automation allows software engineers to focus their precious time, energy and creativity on higher value activities.”

Part of the positive business impact of AIASE tools comes from the ability to “discover the best configuration to meet operational goals; and software engineers who use these tools are productive, happier and tend to stay longer in their jobs.”

Notice: access to this research paper is available to Gartner customers only.

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