TestGuild podcast Akamas
Test Guild: Live Kubernetes Optimization in Production

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Lw5MYgzz8 How cool would it be to optimize live systems running in production environments? In this episode, Stefano Doni, CTO at Akamas, shares some ways to meet the challenge of optimizing Kubernetes in production.  Discover how AI technology can help

PurePerformance Podcast Akamas
PurePerformance: How to optimize Kubernetes workloads with Akamas

Listen to “How to optimize performance and cost of k8s workloads with Stefano Doni” on Spreaker. Over the years we learned how to optimize the performance of our JVMs, our CLRs or our databases instances by tweaking settings around heap

TestGuild podcast Akamas
Kubernetes using AI to optimize performance

In this interview with Joe Colantonio, host of the TestGuild podcast, Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) describes why managing Kubernetes provides many challenges from a performance engineering and SRE perspective. By illustrating Kubernetes key resource management concepts, he explains why tuning

PurePerformance Podcast Akamas
Busting 4 Java tuning myths with Stefano Doni

Ascolta “Busting 4 Java Tuning Myths with Stefano Doni” su Spreaker. In this PurePerformance episode, Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) illustrates how some established industry approaches and beliefs about Java Tuning are actually myths: 1) Garbage Collector tuning: do the industry guidelines

PurePerformance Podcast Akamas
Let the machines optimize the machines: Goal-driven performance tuning

Ascolta “Let the Machines optimize the Machines: Goal-Driven Performance Tuning with Stefano Doni” su Spreaker. Did you know that the JVM has 700+ configuration settings? Did you know that MongoDB performance can be improved by 50% just by tuning the

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