Rightsizing Kubernetes and tuning microservices to optimize costs, while assuring application resilience and performance SLOs, is a challenge.  

This is due to the interplay of Kubernetes resource management (e.g. OOM killing, CPU throttling) with the mechanics and ergonomics of application runtimes (e.g. JVM GC). Mismatched configurations between Kubernetes and runtime may result in higher-than-needed costs, lower service quality, poor performance and unreliable applications. 

Akamas leverages AI to autonomously identify full-stack configurations against custom-defined goals and constraints, and to recommend them live under varying observed workloads. With Akamas, you can achieve optimal cost efficiency, performance and resilience of  Kubernetes live applications.

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The dark side of Kubernetes?

Light it up with application-aware optimization

There is a “dark side” to Kubernetes that makes it difficult to ensure the desired performance and resilience of cloud-native applications, while keeping their costs under control. Join the next Akamas Ignite webinar to learn more. 

Kubecon Europe 2024: Application-aware, AI-assisted Kubernetes optimization is here!

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in Paris, France from 19-22 March, 2024.

Kubecon 2022: Application-aware Kubernetes comes to town!

What a great time we had, meeting in person customers, partners, experts coming from around the globe and the whole CNCF vibrant community!

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Join Akamas in Detroit!

Come visit Akamas at booth S117 to see a demo of optimization studies and live optimizations and ask any questions about our unique AI-powered optimization. 

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