Akamas Product Update News Release 3.4
Akamas enhances its cloud optimization capabilities with HPA tuning, new OpenShift and Kubernetes su...

Akamas 3.4 incorporates a wealth of improvements: Akamas-on-Kubernetes, OpenShift support, OAuth2 integration and major work on autoscaling support.

Dynatrace AppEngine launch with Akamas app
Dynatrace Perform 2023: Dynatrace launches AppEngine, Akamas builds app

Dynatrace launches AppEngine to enable teams to build custom apps. Akamas launches AI-powered optimization app.

Akamas and Mia-Platform partner to better support Kubernetes-powered digital innovation

Akamas and Mia-Platform establish a new partnership to enable customer to manage development and optimization of Kubernetes applications.

Akamas releases live optimization for Kubernetes applications

Akamas new product release enhances its AI-powered optimization platform with new key capabilities to continuously optimize production environments.

Akamas AWS partnership
Akamas joins AWS Partner Network

Akamas’ AI-powered performance optimization helps AWS cloud customers consistently achieve higher performance at the lowest possible cost.

Akamas Gremlin partnership
Akamas and Gremlin announce new partnership

Akamas and Gremlin signed a new partnership to build a combined Chaos Engineering and Autonomous Optimization practice.

Akamas jons Dynatrace DevSecOps Automation Alliance Partner Progam
Akamas joins Dynatrace’s new DevSecOps Automation Alliance Partner Program

Akamas joins the new Partner Program of Dynatrace: DevSecOps Automation Alliance. This program allows customers to easily integrate Akamas with Dynatrace.

Akamas 2.0 here
Akamas 2.0 delivers support for collaboration in enterprise environments

Discover Akamas 2.0, the major release that introduces several brand new feature and enhancements.

Akamas product news 1.12
Announcing Akamas 1.12!

The release of Akamas 1.12 is focused on improved ease of use and integrations.

Akamas free trial
Akamas Launches Free Trial of AI-Driven Performance Optimization Solution as Part of Go-To-Market Pu...

The Akamas Free Trial provides a full-featured Akamas setup (“Akamas-In-A-Box”) that users can download, install and run on a laptop with few commands.

Akamas Altersis partnership
Akamas and ALTERSIS Performance Announce New EMEA Partnership

Akamas joined forces with ALTERSIS Performance, a leading provider of IT performance engineering and consulting services.

Team Akamas announcement
Akamas Strengthens Management Team Ahead of Go-To-Market Push

Akamas hired technology industry veterans in key positions.

Akamas Product news 1.10
The New Akamas 1.10 Is Here!

Akamas studies are now much easier & faster to manage, and optimization packs became much more powerful with the new cloud store!

Akamas Product news 1.9
Welcome Akamas 1.9!

We are excited to announce the release of Akamas 1.9! We have included a lot of great features, focusing on improving user experience and providing even greater optimization wins for our users.

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