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How to start your free trial

Fill the form to receive your credentials to access a dedicated Akamas sandbox environment, where you can see how Akamas AI-driven autonomous optimization works and tune sample applications without the need to integrate with your environment.

You can read our Free Trial documentation here.

What you can do

  • Familiarize yourself with Akamas UI and CLI
  • Explore already executed optimization studies
  • Create and run new studies to optimize a microservice app
  • Experience application-aware optimization of JVM and Kubernetes parameters
  • Learn how to fully automate the optimization process

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Reduce cost

Improve cloud cost efficiency without impacting SLOs and application reliability

Maximize Kubernetes

Correctly configure Kubernetes requests & limits and HPA scaling settings

Work faster

Reduce the time you need to optimize applications from weeks to hours

Increase reliability

Ensure service reliablity, optimize app performance and scaling under load

See for yourself.

Experience the benefits of Akamas autonomous optimization.

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