Any company delivering critical online services is facing a fundamental challenge: how to effectively support business growth while also improving cost efficiency by best balancing end-to-end performance, resilience, and cost.

Navan (formerly, TripActions) is a leading worldwide travel management, corporate card and expanse management company for businesses. After the heavy impact of COVID-19 on the travel business, Navan expected a strong business recovery, but their focus on running costs was higher than ever. 

Despite their great level of expertise and deep knowledge of their own applications, Navan’s performance and SRE teams were challenged by the request to properly tune their applications running on AWS to both reduce the cloud bill and sustain the expected traffic growth. 

Akamas case study study insight TripActions

Download the case study to find out how Akamas helped Navan to automatically identify the EC2 and JVM configuration that would reduce cloud costs and support higher load while matching SLOs and resource utilization policies. Read also how the TripActions team leveraged Akamas to validate their migration plans to AWS Fargate.

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