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Making applications faster, cheaper, and more reliable with AI Akamas is the optimization software that improves the performance, reliability, and cost of enterprise applications. We use AI to radically enhance the productivity and capabilities of performance engineers, SREs and DevOps.

Is Autonomous Workload Optimization a new category?

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Video Akamas app for Dynatrace AppEngine
Akamas for Dynatrace AppEngine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoTKOwx6e2o In this video, we preview the Akamas app for Dynatrace AppEngine – an autonomous optimization solution that helps customers reduce costs and improve the reliability and performance of applications. This app brings Akamas optimization directly into Dynatrace, allowing customers

Akamas Live Optimizations Video
Akamas Live Optimizations Video Series

Akamas provides a single platform to optimize applications both in pre-production environments, for example to anticipate planned changes, cloud migration or chaos engineering scenarios, and directly live in production while applications are running under dynamically varying workloads. This video series

Interview: Akamas CTO unveils version 3.0 with Scott Moore

Scott Moore, recognized performance expert and consultant at Scott Moore Consulting, interviews Akamas CTO, Stefano Doni, about the release of Akamas 3.0. Scott and Stefano know each other from the early days of Akamas, when the Akamas platform was focused

Optimizing live applications for performance and cost

Akamas AI-powered optimization platform supports performance engineers, SRE teams, and developers in keeping complex, real-world applications optimized both in real-time and with respect to any planned or what-if scenarios. Akamas live optimizations are applied to production systems that need to

Akamas listed as AI-Augmented Software Engineering tool in Gartner Hype Cycle

Curious about Akamas? Get a demo. Learn how it works in 20 minutes. No strings attached, no commitments. Get a demo

Flyer Akamas 2022
Maximize service quality, resilience and cost efficiency — autonomously

Any company relying on IT to provide critical services to their users faces the challenge to keep delivering maximum performance, resilience and cost efficiency and match SLOs while the workloads vary, new applications are released and the underlying middleware and

Akamas KubeCon Europe 2022 post event
Squeezing more (orange) juice from Kubernetes

Our notes from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Valencia KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 – what a fantastic event! I’m sure my feeling is shared by many among the 7,000 in-person attendees and 10,000 that followed from home.  We had the pleasure

Akamas Performetriks 2022 webinar recording
Continuous optimization with AI

On May 18 we joined our partners Performetriks and Mediro ICT, for a new edition of the Core Banking Performance Optimization online event.  During the event, we presented our AI-powered optimization approach and platform by introducing how Akamas can automatically

Akamas video optimization insights
Akamas Optimization Insights: Understand potential tradeoffs among competing KPIs

This video demonstrates the power of the Akamas Optimization Insights feature. Akamas AI-powered optimization allows you to automatically identify the optimal configurations by simply specifying the optimization goal & constraints. The Akamas Optimization Insights feature now automatically presents configurations that

Akamas TripActions Case Study
Leverage AI-powered optimization to cut cloud costs and improve business agility

Any company delivering critical online services is facing a fundamental challenge: how to effectively support business growth while also improving cost efficiency by best balancing end-to-end performance, resilience, and cost. Navan (formerly, TripActions) is a leading worldwide travel management, corporate card

Akamas integration Dynatrace Cloud Automation
Akamas continuous optimization with Dynatrace Cloud Automation

Dynatrace Cloud Automation module uniquely combines automatic and intelligent observability with an enterprise-grade control plane to automate delivery and operations. The module helps organizations automate the entire software development lifecycle and orchestration process for faster innovation and less risk. The

Akamas case study TeamSystem Kubernetes
Delivering high-quality SaaS services at lower cloud cost and carbon footprint

Companies delivering business-critical SaaS services are often facing much higher costs than expected. Growing cloud bills may be disregarded during the migration phase to the cloud, but the time comes when they may heavily impact the ability to deliver cost-effective

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