Several Gartner‘s 2023 reports have highlighted Akamas in discussions about the future of enterprise software, innovation in software engineering, and the upcoming trends for observability tools and DevOps/SRE teams. The emergence of a potentially new category, Autonomous Workload Optimization, is a particularly notable development.

Gartner anticipates that this field will hit “mainstream adoption” in the next 2-5 years, outpacing several other industry categories such as chaos engineering, AIOps, or platform engineering. 

Akamas proudly aligns with Gartner’s definition of Autonomous Workload Optimization. Vendors in this new market utilize different strategies to help clients reduce costs, enhance performance, or boost overall IT efficiency. Some target specific technologies or use cases, while others focus more on automation rather than optimization. Certain vendors also overlap with the Finops software market/category, mainly addressing cost visibility needs.

You can read about it in the most recent Hype Cycle for Site Reliability Engineering, 2023 report. 

Notice: access to this research paper is available to Gartner customers only.

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