Companies delivering business-critical SaaS services are often facing much higher costs than expected. Growing cloud bills may be disregarded during the migration phase to the cloud, but the time comes when they may heavily impact the ability to deliver cost-effective services.

TeamSystem is a leading European provider of accounting, HR, payroll, financial services and business management services. All their new services are developed as cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes, either on Azure or AWS. In their case, the challenge of optimizing their services was further amplified by the need to release frequent software updates due to new legislation and invoicing rules. As a consequence, it was evident that over-provisioning had been adopted as practice and that the hundreds of microservices needed to be optimized for cost-efficiency.

Download this success story to discover how Akamas helped TeamSystem to automatically identify the optimal configuration of JVM and Kubernetes parameters of their most critical microservices, thus achieving the goal of reducing the cloud cost (and carbon footprint), while maintaining the quality of the delivered services.

Akamas case study team system

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