Akamas Solution brief Kubernetes applications
Autonomous Optimization for Kubernetes applications

The complexity of Kubernetes resource management often leads developers, Performance Engineers and SREs to adopt very conservative configurations and resource overprovisioning. The resulting unnecessary infrastructure/cloud costs may significantly affect the overall cost efficiency of delivered services, while not necessarily removing

Akamas Solution Brief Spark
Autonomous Optimization for Apache Spark

The big data analytics market is growing fast, driven by the rapid increase in volume and complexity of enterprise data in virtually every industry. Leading among analytics engines and frameworks, Apache Spark features greater speed and scalability compared to many

Solution brief Cloud Akamas
Autonomous Optimization for the Cloud

Application-level optimization in the cloud requires AI-powered, full-stack optimization, not just infrastructure-level predictions. Companies are embracing the cloud looking for cost savings, faster time to market, and innovation. Leading vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud are offering compelling

Akamas Java optimization solution brief
Autonomous Performance Optimization for Java

Many of the world’s mission-critical applications run on Java and, for many years, companies have relied on Java as the platform for enterprise systems. Java is a long-established standard, which offers developers efficiency and stability. Yet, developers and operators are

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