Akamas Product news 1.10

We are super excited to announce the release of Akamas 1.10!

This version is highly focused on improving the user experience of two key pillars powering Akamas AI-driven optimizations – the study and the optimization packs.

  • Simplified study management: we made it significantly easier and quicker for users to manage a study lifecycle with the new study edit, restart, and duplicate features directly in the UI!
  • Optimization packs store: thanks to the new cloud-based optimization packs store, you can now stay up to date with new optimization packs in your Akamas installation, plus you can now easily install custom optimization packs and share them with other users.

Making Studies Even More Convenient

The study is at the heart of Akamas autonomous optimization: it’s where you declaratively state your optimization goal (e.g. maximize my service throughput), define your accepted SLOs (e.g. keep service latency below 200 ms) and describe your automated performance experiments. You start the study, and Akamas does the hard work for you.

Many users asked us to identify ways to streamline the study configuration experience. When you discover integration issues with your load testing tools, for example, you need a way to stop the study, get rid of the existing experiments, and restart the optimization. You can now restart your studies directly from the UI, without deleting and recreating them: Akamas automatically cleans up the existing experiments and restart the optimization.

Akamas study restart feature

Have you just optimized your application with a max throughput goal and would like to launch a new optimization to see if you can also reduce memory footprint? With this new release, you can do that very easily with the new study cloning capability: you can quickly create new studies from existing ones directly from the UI. 

So, optimizing your application performance and costs with AI has never been so quick and easy! What is the next study you are going to create? Let us know!

Optimization Packs Store & Custom Packs

Optimization packs are a really unique capability as they allow you to optimize your application tech stack without the skills of a ninja. And even if you are a guru, you probably can’t beat AI at finding optimal settings quickly among billions. As such, we continue to invest in making optimization packs even more powerful and easier to use.

With Akamas 1.10, we officially launch the new Optimization Pack Store, a cloud service that centralizes the management of the Akamas optimization packs. By accessing the new and improved optimization pack section of the Akamas UI, you can now browse the optimization packs available on your Akamas installation as well as the ones available on the cloud store. Stay up-to-date with the new packs as soon as they become available and never miss a single optimization opportunity for your applications!

Akamas new optimization packs

Do you need to optimize some custom technology that is not covered by currently available optimization packs? You can now build your own optimization pack and install it in your local Akamas instance with one command. With this new feature, you can now start sharing your optimization packs with your colleagues, or re-use it to speed up the optimization of new applications.

See for yourself.

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