Akamas and Mia-Platform partner to better support Kubernetes-powered digital innovation

Akamas and Mia-Platform establish a new partnership to enable customer to manage development and optimization of Kubernetes applications.

Akamas, the autonomous optimization platform powered by AI, and Mia-Platform, the company that brought to market one of the first solutions worldwide to build a digital integration hub, today announced their technology and commercial partnership. 

We are excited to unveil our partnership with Akamas to better support customers and tackle their challenge to optimize Kubernetes microservices applications, 

said Francesco Soncini Sessa, Head of Strategic Alliances, Mia-Platform. “Thanks to the combined capabilities of Mia-Platform and Akamas, product teams can now deliver well-tuned and high-quality software while also improving productivity.”

After the great cooperation with Mia-Platform during the beta program of our major version 3.0 we are pleased to consolidate our partnership with Mia-Platform, 

said Giuseppe Nardiello, VP Product Management and Business Development, Akamas. “We can now offer the power of Akamas AI to support Mia-Platform users in keeping their Kubernetes applications rightsized and well-tuned with respect to their specific cost-efficiency goals and performance SLOs”.  

We believe the integration of Akamas AI within Mia-Platform self-service developer portal will benefit developers and product teams,

added Luca Forni, Chief Executive Officer, Akamas “and further support their companies’ digital innovation initiatives at business speed, in the most cost effective way”.

A recent blog clarifies the importance of the integration of Akamas and Mia-Platform.

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