Akamas 2.0 here

This major release of Akamas introduces several brand new features and enhancements, UI improvements, additional Optimization Packs, and integrations. The following is a list of a few selected features.

Core: Workspaces

Akamas 2.0 provides extended collaboration capabilities required to support adoption in enterprise contexts where it is required to grant visibility and the ability to modify its constructs only to specific users or teams. 

In Akamas 2.0, the new concept of workspace has been introduced to group systems, workflows, and optimization studies. This way it is possible to easily and safely share them with their colleagues, team members, departments, or external organizations. 

Akamas 2.0 workspaces
Fig 1: Workspaces and shared resoruces

Administrators can create workspaces to delegate optimization activities to users, organized by department, application, optimization initiative, or any other criteria. Users can then be associated with one or more workspaces either as contributors, who can actively contribute to optimization activity by creating, modifying and deleting systems, workflows and optimization studies or as simple viewers, who can monitor their progress or share results by viewing these constructs. Workspaces can be managed via either API or CLI.

UI: Metrics analysis charts

In Akamas 2.0 several improvements have been introduced to Metric Analysis charts, that is to charts that allow to analyze and compare metrics collected in its experiments (or the baseline) in an optimization study:

a) it is now possible to visualize more easily the scoring windows identified by Akamas during an experiment for each metric to better support the analyst;

Akamas 2.0 metric analysis
Fig 2: Scoring window identified for a specific experiment (representing the best configuration)

b) it is now possible to select custom colors for each time series in order to better highlight relevant metrics for an experiment, and produce more readable reports;

Akamas 2.0 metric colors
Fig 3: Choosing metric color from the palette

c) Users can now select columns to be displayed on the studies page. Moreover, the study page has also been simplified to improve the readability of the study status and evolution. 

Optimization packs: AWS Lambda

Akamas 2.0 ships an updated AWS Optimization Pack that now also supports the ability to optimize applications leveraging AWS Lambda functions. 

Akamas 2.0 AWS lambda
Fig 4: Support for AWS Lambda in the AWS Optimization pack

As Akamas evolves, we enjoy receiving your feedback and requests for improvements. Please take advantage of our Free Trial program to directly try Akamas out. 

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