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Milan, Italy – May 27, 2021 – Today, Akamas, maker of the first AI-powered performance optimization solution for enterprise IT stacks, announced the launch of the Akamas Free Trial Program, as part of their renewed Go-To-Market push following the recent new CEO and leadership appointments.

The Akamas Free Trial provides a full-featured Akamas setup (called “Akamas-In-A-Box”) that users can download, install and run on a laptop with few commands. A sample Java application is also included into the package, so that you can instantly start optimization studies and experience first-hand the power of Akamas AI-driven optimization technology. A set of quick-start guides has also been made available at explore.akamas.io to accelerate free trial users’ learning process.

Starting today, the Akamas Free Trial is officially available to all customers and users, by registering at akamas.io/freetrial.

I am excited about having the opportunity to allow development, DevOps and performance engineering teams to directly experience the power of our technology.

said Stefano Doni, CTO of Akamas.

I’m confident this initiative will bring us huge benefits both in terms of market reach and by capturing customers’ most important jobs-to-be-done, thus accelerating our ability to align our product roadmap to market needs.

About Akamas

Akamas is the AI-powered autonomous optimization solution that enables enterprises and online businesses to deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience at minimum cost.

The complexity of technology stacks has grown beyond the reach of even the most skilled performance experts. Faster release cycles and the adoption of CI/CD pipelines contribute to this challenge.

Built by veterans in performance engineering and data science, Akamas exploits advanced machine learning techniques to optimize hundreds of interdependent service configuration parameters while matching both technical and business goals.

Akamas customers include leading enterprise organizations in financial and online services. Akamas is a company of Moviri, a global software and professional services group, and counts Dynatrace, Micro Focus, Neotys and Splunk among its partners. Headquartered in Milan, Akamas has offices in Boston, Los Angeles, and Singapore.



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