Akamas 3.5 delivers a more user-friendly, secure, and performant platform

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Akamas 3.5! This update focuses on delivering a more user-friendly, secure, and performant platform for all your optimization needs.

Streamlined workflows with intuitive UI

Akamas 3.5 empowers users of all experience levels. The new UI eliminates the need for command-line interface (CLI) expertise and YAML files. You can now create and manage your entire optimization environment directly from your browser, handling systems, workflows, telemetry instances, studies, and components through a user-friendly interface. This intuitive approach complements our existing robust CLI options, providing maximum flexibility.

Robust security enhancements

Security is a top priority for Akamas. Akamas 3.5 introduces several key features to safeguard your data and operations:

  • All APIs now have configurable rate limiting to prevent misuse.
    Enhanced input validation for core entities helps shield against potential security threats like SQL injection and XSS.
  • Disabled CORS from unencrypted origins, removal of server information from HTTP responses, limited concurrent user sessions, and enhanced cookie security all contribute to a more secure optimization experience.

Clearer Insights with improved UI visualization

The Akamas 3.5 UI has been meticulously designed to provide crystal-clear insights into your optimization efforts. The live optimization metrics chart now displays plot bands for failed trials, giving you a more comprehensive view of your experiment’s progress. 

For offline studies, the “Best Configuration” view now showcases the complete configuration, ready to be copied and applied directly. Additionally, metrics for bootstrapped experiments in live studies are now incorporated into the metrics chart for a holistic view.

Streamlined CLI for better efficiency

The Akamas 3.5 CLI boasts several improvements designed to expedite your workflow. Akamas URL discovery is now automated, eliminating manual setup. Entity caching accelerates CLI commands execution for a smoother user experience.

Flexible deployment with updated Helm chart

The Helm chart has been revamped for enhanced configurability, allowing for seamless deployment across diverse environments. You can now gain greater control by configuring limits for the token update job. A dedicated and configurable service account streamlines toolbox interactions.

General enhancements for a powerful platform

Akamas 3.5 incorporates a variety of general enhancements designed to elevate the platform’s overall performance and flexibility. Scoring logs are now presented in a more readable format for easier analysis. Email addresses can now be used as usernames for added convenience. Finally, experience faster optimization, especially for studies with a high number of trials.

We’re confident that Akamas 3.5 empowers you to optimize with greater ease, security, and efficiency. We encourage you to explore these updates and share your feedback. 


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