Akamas releases live optimization for Kubernetes applications

Akamas new product release enhances its AI-powered optimization platform with new key capabilities to continuously optimize production environments.

Milan (Italy), September 13th – Akamas, the autonomous optimization platform powered by AI, today announced the release of version 3.0 of its product.

With 3.0, Akamas can now optimize live systems running in production environments. Akamas features unique capabilities to support live optimizations, including automated context detection, safe recommendations against customer-defined SLOs, and custom safety policies to get incremental changes with respect to the optimal configuration.

We are happy to support customers in their challenge to optimize Kubernetes microservices applications directly in production environments,”

said Stefano Doni, Chief Technology Officer, Akamas.

They can now leverage Akamas patented AI to dynamically tune parameters at both the container and runtime, like JVM or Golang, layers. This unique capability ensures that cost efficiency and application performance goals are met, without ever compromising SLOs.”

We are both proud and excited by this important company milestone,”

said Luca Forni, Chief Executive Officer, Akamas.

After successfully enabling performance engineers, developers and SRE teams in optimizing their applications in test and pre-production environments, we continue our journey to deliver effective and safe AI-powered optimization in every deployment scenario.”

Akamas now ships both live optimizations and optimization studies into a single platform and through the same user interface, supporting the ability to keep complex, real-world applications optimized both in real-time and with respect to planned or what-if scenarios.

About Akamas

Akamas is the AI-powered, autonomous, and application-aware optimization platform for DevOps, FinOps, Cloud Ops, SRE and performance engineering. Akamas enables enterprises, online businesses and SaaS vendors to maximize cost savings while also extracting unprecedented levels of performance and resilience from their technology stacks. Founded by veterans in performance engineering, Akamas is headquartered in Milan with offices in Boston, Los Angeles and Singapore.

To learn more about how Akamas can help your business, visit akamas.io, visit our blog, and follow us on Twitter @akamaslabs.


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This white paper describes Akamas live optimization technology and its key features, like full-stack, context-aware optimization, safe recommendations against defined SLOs and custom safety policies.

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