Ignite by Akamas webinar recording
The performance engineer’s secret co-pilot: Embracing AI-powered tuning at Sabre

Explore the integration of machine learning and automation in performance engineering. In this webinar, Pawel Popiolek of Sabre and Stefano Doni, CTO of Akamas, shared Sabre’s journey, highlighting the introduction of Akamas for performance optimization challenges and covering practical use

Akamas Product Tour

Making applications faster, cheaper, and more reliable with AI Akamas is the optimization software that improves the performance, reliability, and cost of enterprise applications. We use AI to radically enhance the productivity and capabilities of performance engineers, SREs and DevOps.

Cloud Cost Optimization: A panel interview with Zesty and Akamas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=makKv-o8dSc akamas partner Moviri recently hosted an insightful panel discussion featuring Luca Forni, CEO of Akamas, and Shaked Gilad, Partner Sales Manager at Zesty. This video delves into the partnership between Moviri, Akamas, and Zesty, in the field of cloud cost

Case study Sisal
Sisal Case Study: Pioneering innovation in resource optimization with AI

Explore how Sisal, a leading gaming operator with 35 million customers, achieved a 58% cost reduction for critical Kubernetes microservices using Akamas’ AI-powered optimization platform. The Challenge: Sisal needed to optimize Kubernetes microservices for maximum cost savings without impacting application

Akamas TripActions Case Study
Leverage AI-powered optimization to cut cloud costs and improve business agility

Any company delivering critical online services is facing a fundamental challenge: how to effectively support business growth while also improving cost efficiency by best balancing end-to-end performance, resilience, and cost. Navan (formerly, TripActions) is a leading worldwide travel management, corporate card

Akamas case study TeamSystem Kubernetes
Delivering high-quality SaaS services at lower cloud cost and carbon footprint

Companies delivering business-critical SaaS services are often facing much higher costs than expected. Growing cloud bills may be disregarded during the migration phase to the cloud, but the time comes when they may heavily impact the ability to deliver cost-effective

Akamas Performance Summit Kubernetes optimization
Using ML to automatically optimize Kubernetes for cost efficiency and reliability

In this presentation at Performance Summit 2021 on September 29th, Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) describes how ML techniques enable Developers and SREs to automatically optimize Kubernetes for cost efficiency and reliability.Kubernetes the task of properly configuring pod resources (requests

Akams Performance Summit Tailoring Google Dataproc
Tailoring the Google Dataproc to reduce Spark execution time and cut the bill

In this session at Performance Summit 2021 on September 30th, Luca Chiabrera (Head of Customer Success and Sales Engineering at Akamas) describes how Akamas ML-based optimization helps to tailor Google Dataproc to reduce Spark execution time and cut the bill. Dataproc is a

Akamas AWS Lambda functions video
Optimizing AWS Lambda functions

Finding the right balance between memory, execution time and cost for applications leveraging AWS Lambda can be quite tricky. In this short video, we show how Akamas can optimize applications that use serverless computing resources, such as AWS Lambda.

Akamas safely cut cloud bills blog
Safely cut cloud bills with no impact on service performance – is it a dream?

Several cloud cost optimization solutions are today available both by Cloud Providers, such as AWS Compute Optimizer or Google machine type recommendations, and by specialized COTS vendors. These tools may help you choosing the right cloud instance and volume sizes, allocating resources in

Akamas faster spark jobs lower AWS costs blog
How to optimize Spark jobs performance and lower AWS costs

Big data applications often offer relevant opportunities for gains both in terms of performance and of cost reduction. Typically, the underlying infrastructure – whether on-premise or on cloud – is both inefficient and over-provisioned to ensure a good performance vs

Akamas MongoDb performance webinar
Achieving MongoDB performance and cost optimization – automatically

Akamas AI-powered performance optimization makes it possible to automatically maximize database performance without touching the application. In this recording of our session at MongoDB Tech Talk 2021 we show how Akamas can be effectively used to achieve your performance and cost goals:

Akamas Neotys Jurassic PAC Sparl optimization
Optimizing Spark costs on AWS with AI-powered tuning

During the Neotys Jurassic PAC 2020 virtual conference, Luca Cavazzana (Software Engineer at Akamas) explained how Akamas uses AI techniques to find the optimal configuration for Spark applications. He presented a study where Akamas tuned both Apache Spark parameters and EC2 cluster size, finding

Case study lastminute Akamas
Faster apps, lower bills: optimizing travel search in the cloud

All online businesses are facing strong challenges in maximizing the throughput of their most critical service during the peak-demand season in a cost-effective way. In less than 2 weeks, Akamas optimized lastminute.com key Java microservice-based application running on Kubernetes, by

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