We had the opportunity to organize a webinar alongside Neotys, our Technological Partners. We wanted to present the integration between our two products, that became available with the Akamas 1.7 update, and what better way to do it than with a webinar?

During this webinar, Stefano Doni (CTO Akamas) and Henrik Rexed (Performance Engineer Neotys) talked about the state of the load testing and the problems that the current approach has. The need for a radically new solution is indisputable, and that is why we propose Autonomous Performance Optimization.

The integration between Akamas and NeoLoad is very important for this novel approach that we from Akamas envision. The two speakers demonstrated how this approach can automate testing, analyze results, and apply optimal configurations to the target systems, faster and more reliably than human experts.

Discover all there is to know about the Akamas-NeoLoad integration and the unprecedented levels of performance and cost savings that your business can achieve thanks to this novel approach. We also present our integration with the help of a demo regarding the automatic optimization of a containerized Java application.

See for yourself.

Experience the benefits of Akamas autonomous optimization.

No overselling, no strings attached, no commitments.

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