Akamas Product news 1.7

This version features native integrations with two market-leading solutions in the application performance monitoring and performance testing space: Dynatrace and NeoLoad. Thanks to these new exciting capabilities, Dynatrace and NeoLoad users can now easily integrate Akamas in their existing environments and enjoy the new, AI-driven performance optimization world. The release also includes new features aimed at improving usability and control over Akamas optimizations, as well as various bug fixes.

Dynatrace Integration

With this new feature, Dynatrace users can leverage the OneAgent full-stack visibility as a telemetry data source for Akamas optimizations. The native, API-based integration allows you to specify which services, hosts or processes are being optimized and use their metrics to define Akamas optimization goals, or analyze detailed over-time metrics within the Akamas UI. As the Akamas AI engine optimizes the system, the integration pushes configuration changes back to Dynatrace, allowing you to keep track of what has been changed between experiments and provide further information to Davis, Dynatrace problem detection engine.

Akamas Dynatrace integration

NeoLoad Integration

Already using NeoLoad to drive your performance tests? Look no further! You can now leverage your existing NeoLoad scenarios and quickly bring your performance testing activities to the next level with AI-driven, automated performance tuning. 

With this new feature, Akamas can now trigger the launch of your existing performance tests via a native, API-based integration with NeoLoad Web. You set your performance optimization goal (like maximize throughput keeping latency under the SLA), and Akamas figures out how to tune the stack to achieve it, while running your NeoLoad scenarios. Akamas and NeoLoad share information about the applied configuration and the load test results so that you can review outcomes in both tools. Stop the tedious and error prone manual tuning processes, it’s time to sit back and enjoy automated performance improvements.

If you want to find out more about the Akamas-NeoLoad integration, register to this webinar.

Akamas Neoload integration

Usability and Optimization Improvements

See your workflows in action

You can now see your workflow status as they run in order to monitor the execution of a trial and promptly identify errors. You can also see logs produced by each task of the workflow in order to identify issues in the workflow configuration and resolve them quickly.

Telemetry Instances view

We constantly enhance our UI to provide the best experience to our users. In this release, we added the ability to see telemetry instances for each system. You can now inspect the details of all the data sources used by Akamas to gather metrics about your system.

More control on parameters

A core feature of Akamas is the ability to optimize configuration parameters for any technology. In this release, we added the ability to have a finer control on which parameters are used during baseline experiments and during the automated optimization process. This allows you to ease the process of evaluating the baseline performance of your system with the current configuration, and easily explore new optimization areas.

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