Akamas Tricentis PAC webinar recording
Using AI to optimize Kubernetes and meet SLOs

Efficiency is one of Kubernetes top benefits, yet companies adopting it often experience high infrastructure costs and performance issues, with applications failing to match latency SLOs. Even for experienced Performance Engineers and SREs, sizing of resource requests and limits to

Akamas Kubernetes optimization SLOs
How I learned to love Kubernetes with resource and cost optimization

The benefits of Kubernetes from a performance perspective are undisputable. Let’s just consider the efficiency provided by Kubernetes, thanks to its ability to densely schedule containers into the underlying machines, which translates to low infrastructure costs. Or the mechanisms available to isolate

Case study lastminute Akamas
Faster apps, lower bills: optimizing travel search in the cloud

All online businesses are facing strong challenges in maximizing the throughput of their most critical service during the peak-demand season in a cost-effective way. In less than 2 weeks, Akamas optimized lastminute.com key Java microservice-based application running on Kubernetes, by

Akamas Neotys PAC Santorini 2020 containerized enviromnents
Measuring CPU throttling in containerized environments

We had the opportunity to present two speeches at the Neotys PAC Santorini 2020 conference. One was about containerized environments and the throttling phenomenon, while the other was about the continuous performance optimization of Java applications. Edoardo Varani (Consultant Performance

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