PurePerformance Podcast Akamas
PurePerformance: How to optimize Kubernetes workloads with Akamas

Listen to “How to optimize performance and cost of k8s workloads with Stefano Doni” on Spreaker. Over the years we learned how to optimize the performance of our JVMs, our CLRs or our databases instances by tweaking settings around heap

Moviri speech at KubeCon Europe 2022
Moviri speech at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-G6yMavQrU&list=PLMQ6KXOiwvyki0i258HhaLj-NhzOchpHZ&index=24Akamas strategic partner Moviri, delivered a presentation on “Getting the optimal service efficiency that autoscalers won’t give you” at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 conference. Mauro Pessina, Manager Performance Engineering Business Line at Moviri, shared the results of extensive tuning

Akamas KubeCon Europe 2022 post event
Squeezing more (orange) juice from Kubernetes

Our notes from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Valencia KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 – what a fantastic event! I’m sure my feeling is shared by many among the 7,000 in-person attendees and 10,000 that followed from home.  We had the pleasure

Akamas Conf42 Cloud Native
Conf42 Cloud Native: Cheap or fast? How we got both by leveraging ML to automatically tune K8s apps

One of the top benefits of Kubernetes is efficiency. Nevertheless, several companies adopting Kubernetes may experience high costs and performance issues. The challenge of manually tuning Kubernetes applications is well known to Performance Engineers and SREs. During his session at

Akamas CMG Cloud top trends 2022
How to leverage ML-based optimization to balance Kubernetes performance, resilience and cost-efficie...

Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) was one of the guest experts for the CMG virtual event on “Cloud’s top trends for 2022”. During his speech, Stefano describes how to address the challenge of ensuring that cloud-native applications get optimized in terms

Akamas Meetup IBM Research Kubernetes optimization
Using ML to automatically optimize Kubernetes for cost efficiency & reliability

Stefano Doni (CTO Akamas) presented his talk during the Meetup hosted by IBM Research for the Cloud Technology in the North, on March 14th. During his speech, Stefano covers key Kubernetes resource management concepts and demonstrates how machine learning techniques

Akamas Kubernets autoscaling blog
Beware of Kubernetes autoscaling if you want your services to be reliable and cost-efficient

Many companies delivering services based on applications running on cloud face much higher costs than expected. The problem is that over-provisioning is too often the approach taken to minimize risks, in particular when development and release cycles are getting shorter

Akamas case study TeamSystem Kubernetes
Delivering high-quality SaaS services at lower cloud cost and carbon footprint

Companies delivering business-critical SaaS services are often facing much higher costs than expected. Growing cloud bills may be disregarded during the migration phase to the cloud, but the time comes when they may heavily impact the ability to deliver cost-effective

Akamas K8s optimization Video
Optimizing Kubernetes microservices applications

Due to the complexity of Kubernetes microservices applications, typically many days and weeks of manual effort are spent, just for tuning one single microservice. However, overprovisioning neither avoids slowdowns or resilience issues nor helps make the delivered service cost-effective. This

Is it observable interview Akamas
How to optimize your Kubernetes application with Stefano Doni

In this episode of the “Is It Observable” series by Henrik Rexed (Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace), Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) discusses the benefits of AI to optimize Kubernetes microservices applications. Stefano also demonstrated how to easily setup Akamas for applying AI-powered optimization

Akamas Dynatrace blog post Kubernetes
Optimizing your Kubernetes clusters without breaking the bank

Organizations across the world are fast adopting Kubernetes. That is because Kubernetes provides several benefits from a performance perspective. Its ability to densely schedule containers into the underlying machines translates to low infrastructure costs. It prevents a runaway container from impacting

Akamas Solution brief Kubernetes applications
Autonomous Optimization for Kubernetes applications

The complexity of Kubernetes resource management often leads developers, Performance Engineers and SREs to adopt very conservative configurations and resource overprovisioning. The resulting unnecessary infrastructure/cloud costs may significantly affect the overall cost efficiency of delivered services, while not necessarily removing

Akamas Micro Focus ANZ webinar recording
AI-driven performance optimization – A real-world example

Stefano Doni (CTO Akamas) joins Ray Ffrench (Micro Focus ADM Senior DevOps Technical Consultant) during an episode of the Micro Focus ANZ Monster-Sized Meetup Series. They will discuss the AI-driven performance optimization solution which can allow performance engineers to automate testing, automatically identify optimal

Ignite by Akamas webinar recording
Pimp my Kubernetes clusters – make it cheap and cool

During our “Ignite by Akamas” webinar, Henrik Rexed (Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace) and Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) talked about the benefits of Kubernetes and the challenges when optimizing it. Watch the video to learn how to successfully overcome the challenges of Kubernetes by using

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