The performance engineer’s secret co-pilot: Embracing AI-powered tuning at Sabre

Explore the integration of machine learning and automation in performance engineering.  In this webinar, Pawel Popiolek of Sabre and Stefano Doni, CTO of Akamas, shared Sabre’s journey, highlighting the introduction of Akamas for performance optimization challenges and covering practical use

Performance Summit London 2021 spring
Performance Summit London spring: How AI optimization debunks 4 long-standing Java tuning myths

Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) will speak at the Performance Summit London 2021 online conference, that will take place on February 23rd. Java is ubiquitous in online services, yet ensuring Java applications’ availability and performance remains a challenging task. So

Neotys PAC virtual 2019
Neotys PAC Virtual 2019: Optimizing cloud configurations for price-performance

Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) will speak at the Neotys PAC Virtual 2019 conference. The event will start on September 24th and will be live for 24 hours without pause. The cloud offers an unprecedented possibility in selecting the best infrastructure

Neotys PAC Chamonix 2019
Neotys PAC Chamonix: Achieve superhuman performance with machine learning

Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) will be one of the speakers at Neotys PAC Chamonix 2019. The event will take place between February 6-7th at Chamonix. Today is becoming increasingly harder to properly configure your application. The problem is the

Neotys PAC Hero 2021 Akamas
Neotys PAC Hero: Debunking long-standing Java tuning myths by leveraging AI optimization

Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) will speak at the Neotys PAC Hero 2021 online conference. The event will start on March 23rd and will last 24 hours. Over the years, a certain kind of conventional wisdom about Java performance tuning

Akamas at Neotys PAC Santorini
Neotys PAC Santorini: Continuous performance optimization for Java applications

If you have ever raised a JVM Heap size in production to cope with unexpected Out of Memory errors or huge garbage collection time, please raise your hand. Best practices tell us to anticipate these kinds of situations in order

Performance Summit London 2020
Performance Summit London 2020: From manual performance testing to automated performance optimizatio...

Recently, users are getting acquainted with speed and their frustration bar with respect to digital services is getting lower and lower. Considering also the fact that nowadays online services have become vital also for many traditional businesses, performance engineering is

Testing talks online
Akamas at Testing Talks Online 2020

The role of the software tester is increasing every day. Software testing continues to become faster and more responsive. Testing methodologies are constantly transforming with the vision to deliver better products. On December 3rd, Cameron Bradley from Tabcorp, will host

BMC Exchange Milan
Akamas to present at BMC Exchange Milan 2019

BMC Exchange is coming to Milan this year. The event will take place on March 7th at the Talent Garden Calabiana. During the day experts will talk about the latest news regarding artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive service, virtual reality

Performance Clinic with Andreas Grabner
Performance Clinic: a guide to Autonomous Performance Optimization

Today’s application development and release cycles are measured in days, and not in months. Configuration options of the tech stack continue to increase in scope and complexity, with dependencies that have become unpredictable. Without automation, Performance engineers and developers can

Dynatrace Perform 2020
Visit Akamas and Moviri at Dynatrace Perform 2020

Akamas and Moviri are happy to see you at Dynatrace Perform 2020! The event takes place at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, from February 3-6. During this edition, there will be more than 60 sessions over four days, presented by 47 speakers. Also,

Webinar Dynatrace APO
Autonomous performance optimization: the last frontier of AI

Due to the strategic imperative of digital transformation, extracting maximum performance from enterprise IT services at the lowest possible cost is a critically important challenge. Achieving this goal is complex. A typical enterprise application is built on several technological layers

VmWorld San Francisco
Visit Akamas at VMworld 2019 US

Akamas is happy to see you at VMworld 2019 US! The event takes place at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, from August 25-29. Akamas is a new breed of performance optimization technology that uses machine learning to help global enterprise organizations

LoadRunner integration webinar
Micro Focus Webinar: AI-Driven Performance Optimisation – A real-world example

Modern applications sit atop of many layers, such as Java Virtual Machines, container, database, cloud, and more, each providing hundreds of settings all interacting in complex and counterintuitive ways. Manual and trial-and-error performance tuning cannot cope with this complexity with

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