Performance Summit London 2020

Recently, users are getting acquainted with speed and their frustration bar with respect to digital services is getting lower and lower. Considering also the fact that nowadays online services have become vital also for many traditional businesses, performance engineering is more relevant than ever before.

On the other hand, technology complexity continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. A few years ago we had only processes running on a mainframe. Now we have microservices running inside containers within virtual machines hosted on the cloud.
This increased complexity makes it hard to optimally configure software systems, leading to suboptimal performance, overprovisioning and ultimately increased costs.

How can we tame this complexity and make sure our system is working in an efficient way?

Giovanni Gibilisco (Head of Engineering) will answer this question during the Performance Summit London 2020. He will also introduce Akamas, our solution that makes use of ML to continuously optimizes IT stack configurations to deliver unprecedented application performance, deployment agility and cost savings.

Finally, he will share the results of a case study where we leveraged Akamas integration with open source monitoring and load testing tools to improve the efficiency of a customer core online service in terms of throughput, response time and resource utilization.

Online webinar
Start Date:
06 Aug 2020 - 9:30 am CEST
End Date:
06 Aug 2020 - 4:30 pm CEST


Giovanni Gibilisco

Giovanni is a passionate Software Engineer with a strong interest in performance topics and research. He spent a few years as a Performance Engineer in Moviri where he drove enterprise performance optimization initiatives. Currently, he is leading the Akamas development team and building the future of performance optimization.

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