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Due to the strategic imperative of digital transformation, extracting maximum performance from enterprise IT services at the lowest possible cost is a critically important challenge.

Achieving this goal is complex. A typical enterprise application is built on several technological layers like runtime, application server, database, containers and cloud. Each of these layers has hundreds if not thousands of possible interdependent configurations combining to interact with each other in counterintuitive ways.

A non-optimal configuration can be the source of frustrating user experience and, at the same time, higher IT costs. How can we ensure that the applications are properly configured, considering that there are millions of possible permutations of configurations of the stack?

Akamas is a software that uses artificial intelligence to optimize infrastructures automatically, rapidly converging on unprecedented performance improvements, with no need for human intervention.

In this webinar, Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) and Omar Mazzeo (Sales Engineer Italy, Dynatrace), will talk about how it is possible to achieve this vision of autonomous performance optimization with the help of the integration between Akamas and Dynatrace. They will focus on:

  • How businesses are negatively impacted by the explosion of potential configurations;
  • How Akamas solves the problem using artificial intelligence;
  • How Dynatrace and Akamas integrate with each other;
  • A use case: how to optimize Java applications for better infrastructure utilization.

We invite you to our joint webinar with our partner Dynatrace, on May 21st at 11 am CEST. NOTE: This webinar will be in Italian.

Online Webinar
Start Date:
21 May 2020 - 11:00 am CET
End Date:
21 May 2020 - 12:30 pm CET

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