Tame the JVM

JVM performance optimization challenges even the most experienced Java experts. Manually tuning hundreds of JVM parameters is time consuming and does not ensure adequate response times or minimum resource usage. Leverage Akamas out-of-the-box JVM optimization pack to automatically maximize the performance and resilience of your Java applications.

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Kubernetes optimization

Balance Kubernetes performance and cost

Kubernetes performance tuning spans the entire stack, including containers, runtime and application. And Kubernetes resource management mechanics can be counter-intuitive. Leverage Akamas full-stack optimization to minimize container/pod resources while improving response time. Prevent runaway costs and mitigate business risks with Akamas.


Make your applications reliable, always

With microservices, failure can happen anywhere. Ensuring performance and resilience under high-volume and failure scenarios is challenging. Leverage Akamas goal-oriented optimization to identify configurations that make your service more resilient and minimize unplanned downtime.

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Akamas database optimization

Automate DB tuning for higher performance

MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL have hundreds of parameters that impact application performance. Manual tuning is time consuming and overburdens DBAs. Leverage Akamas autonomous optimization to maximize application throughput, while reducing the cost of database licenses and cloud services such as Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure Database, Google Cloud SQL.


Optimize Spark jobs at enterprise scale

Configuring Spark for maximum job performance is more art than science. Job size, data volumes, and other factors impact completion time and ability to stay within execution windows. Leverage Akamas goal-driven optimization to configure Spark, AWS EMR, and Google DataProc to minimize resource usage, maximize applications performance, reduce costs and meet SLOs.

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Akamas cloud efficiency

Optimize cloud cost AND performance

Cloud cost optimization solutions and vendor tools focus on cost efficiency at the expense of real application performance. Leverage Akamas AI-powered optimization to explore the cheapest Amazon EC2, GCP, and Microsoft Azure options, while also maximizing end-to-end service performance. 

Massimiliano Mazzarolo
Massimiliano Mazzarolo
Chief Technology Architect,

“Akamas AI allowed us to optimize our container-based Java services, significantly increase reliability under peak loads, and drive towards our cost-saving goals. AI-driven optimization by Akamas created a new competitive advantage for and better efficiency in our private cloud platform. Autonomous performance optimization is real and is here.”

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