This presentation by Stefano Doni (Akamas CEO) at Neotys PAC 2021 illustrates how some established industry approaches and beliefs about Java Tuning are simply wrong. By debunking four common JVM tuning myths, some surprising results achieved by adopting AI-based optimization are also demonstrated.

Key questions and debunked myths:

1) Garbage Collector tuning: do the industry guidelines and metrics always lead to better application performance?

2) Tradeoff among Latency, Throughput, Footprint: is there a way to improve these aspects at the same time?

3) JVM tuning or not: is it worth tuning the JVM, or is it good enough for ensuring better performance to simply use the latest and greatest JVM?

4) JVM tuning once for all: is it really a good practice to copy & paste known “good” VM configurations across different applications?

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