Akamas Java optimization solution brief
Autonomous Performance Optimization for Java

Many of the world’s mission-critical applications run on Java and, for many years, companies have relied on Java as the platform for enterprise systems. Java is a long-established standard, which offers developers efficiency and stability. Yet, developers and operators are

Akamas Neotys PAC Santorini 2020 Java applications
Continuous Performance Optimization of Java applications

We had the opportunity to present two speeches at the Neotys PAC Santorini 2020 conference. One spoke about containerized environments and the throttling problem, while the other was about the continuous performance optimization of Java applications. Giovanni Paolo Gibilisco (Head of Engineering at Akamas) explains

Akamas CMG paper 2015 winner
Capacity planning for Java applications – how to deal with GC hidden bottlenecks

Java automatic memory management provides safety and development efficiency, but also adds further challenges for Performance Engineers and Capacity Managers. This paper by Akamas CTO Stefano Doni won the prestigious 2015 Computer Measurement Group Best Paper Award. Highlights: How Java

Akamas White Paper banking platform
How Akamas achieved 1.5x performance on a core banking platform

Banks and financial companies operate in a strictly regulated and increasingly competitive market, which requires carefully balancing the need to deliver high-quality services to their end-users with the need to improve on their cost-efficiency. This case study describes the results

Akamas Neotys PAC Chamonix 2019
Achieve superhuman performance with machine learning

How can machine learning beat human experts at optimizing application performance? This was one of the questions Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) answered during the Neotys PAC Chamonix conference. During his talk, Stefano presented the new AI-driven performance optimization: Akamas. He also demonstrated the benefits of

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