Dynatrace perform 2022
Akamas is a sponsor of Dynatrace Perform 2022

Akamas, a Dynatrace Technology Partner & Hub Partner, is sponsoring the global Dynatrace Perform 2022 conference!  The event will be held online, based on the region of interest: Americas between February 7th and 10th, EMEA and APAC regions between February

Conf42 SRE Akamas
Conf42 SRE: Let the machines optimize the machines: ML-driven automated performance tuning

Akamas CTO, Stefano Doni will speak at Conf42 SRE online conference on September 30th about how ML-driven automated performance tuning can support SREs in their goal of achieving optimal application performance, efficiency and availability. During his session, Stefano will first

CMG Impact 2021
CMG Impact 2022: Balancing Kubernetes performance, resilience & cost by using ML-based optimiza...

Stefano Doni (CTO at Akamas) will speak at the CMG Impact 2022 virtual conference on from January 31 to February 4.   During this session, Stefano will explain why properly tuning Kubernetes microservice applications is a daunting task even for experienced

Ignite by Akamas - Kubernetes (Stefano Doni and Hernik Rexed)
Ignite by Akamas: Pimp my Kubernetes clusters – make it cheap and cool

Today SREs and application teams are often struggling to ensure that their services relying on Kubernetes clusters deliver stable and reliable user experience. Kubernetes is a great platform to run cloud-native microservices applications because of its sophisticated workload orchestration, self-healing

Akamas Performance Summit EMEA
Performance Summit 2021 EMEA: Using ML to automatically optimize Kubernetes for cost efficiency and ...

Akamas will deliver two sessions at Performance Summit London 2021 on September, 29th-30th devoted to illustrate how ML-based optimization can be effective for tuning critical applications running on a diversity of complex IT stacks. In the EMEA track, Stefano Doni

PAC Akamas Tricentis
Tricentis PAC 2021: Using AI to optimize Kubernetes and match SLOs

Akamas CTO, Stefano Doni will deliver a session on “Using AI to optimize Kubernetes and match SLOs” at Tricentis Performance Advisory Council (PAC) 2021 on October, 7. During this session, Stefano will describe how AI techniques help optimize Kubernetes and

Kubernetes community days italy Akamas
KCD Italy 2021: Optimize Kubernetes costs while matching your application SLO using AI

Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) will be a speaker at the Kubernetes Community Days Italy virtual event on Nov 18th 12:25 PM CET.  In the first part of the session, Stefano will explain why so many teams adopting Kubernetes face high

Akamas SREcon21
USENIX SREcon21: Automating performance tuning with machine learning

Akamas will be at SREcon 2021 online event on October 14th at 2:00 UTC with his CTO, Stefano Doni. He will present a new approach to performance tuning based on machine learning techniques that help SREs to both reduce the toil

Ignite by Akamas with Scott Moore
Ignite by Akamas: Performance engineering – a bright future?

Today, performance engineers and SREs are facing incredible challenges to ensure the performance and resilience of their services.  Multiple factors contribute to these challenges, including the complexity of applications, the variety of technologies involved and their dynamic nature (e.g. Kubernetes).