Conf42 Akamas

Giovanni Gibilisco, Head of Engineering at Akamas, will speak at Conf42 Cloud Native online conference on April 28th, on the topic of Kubernetes optimization for higher performance and lower costs. 

During his session, Giovanni will first explain some less-known facts about Kubernetes key resource management and autoscaling mechanisms. He will also show how properly setting pod resources and autoscaling policies is critical to avoid over-provisioning while ensuring services deliver the expected performance and resilience. 

Using a real-world example, Giovanni will also demonstrate how a new approach, leveraging ML techniques, can automatically tune both pod and runtime configurations to ensure any optimization goal. For example, an organization’s goal could be minimizing Kubernetes cost or maximizing application throughput, while respecting any SLOs (max response time and error rates).

Online conference
Start Date:
28 Apr 2022 - 5:00 pm GMT
End Date:
28 Apr 2022 - 9:00 pm GMT


Giovanni Gibilisco

Giovanni is a passionate Software Engineer with a strong interest in performance topics and applied research. He spent a few years as Performance Engineer in Moviri where he drove enterprise performance optimization initiatives. Currently, he is leading the Akamas development team and building the future of performance optimization.

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