Any technology, any parameter, any system

Akamas optimizes any system, application, middleware, database, and cloud.  Dozens of out-of-the-box Akamas Optimization Packs provide built-in tuning  parameters, relationships, and safety guardrails for many technologies. Optimization packs can be easily created without any coding. 

Akamas Full-stack
Akamas AI-driven

Let AI find the optimal configuration

Akamas unique AI solves otherwise intractable real-world optimization problems, requiring the exploration of millions of system configurations. The Akamas reinforcement learning engine intelligently explores the configuration space and converges to the optimal configuration within hours.


Set your goals for the right tradeoffs

Akamas pursues user-defined optimization goals. You can set any combination of goals and constraints, to match any SLO, cost reduction target, or any other business KPI. Regardless of the goal, Akamas will find the right tradeoff among availability, throughput, response time, and cost.

Akamas goal-oriented
Why Akamas Close Loop

Automation that fits your delivery process

Akamas supports closed-loop optimization, by automatically applying configuration changes as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Even without full automation, Akamas allows you to compare recommended configurations against baselines, and decide which one to apply. 

How it works

Akamas exploits patented reinforcement learning techniques to automatically optimize hundreds of interdependent service configurations, delivering full-stack optimization at business speed.


Tangible results in hours, not weeks

IT must align with business velocity. Performance tuning and optimization are critical in removing go-to-market bottlenecks and ensure the quality of mission-critical services. 

Today, complex technology stacks, cloud-based applications, microservices, faster release cycles and DevOps practices are the new normal of performance engineering. 

Akamas helps you execute weeks-worth of manual tuning in hours, and ensure that you always deliver high-performing, resilient services at the lowest possible cost.

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