Performetriks Akamas Dynatrace event

In a fast-moving and ever-changing industry, finance companies are leveraging AI to achieve more with less, by empowering teams in troubleshooting complex problems and automatically optimizing applications at business speed.

We participated in the 90-minute “Continuous Core Banking Performance Optimization” event by Performetriks on September 14th (11:30 AM CDT). It was a great occasion to broadcast and learn real-world stories about the AI revolution.

In our 20 minutes slot (12:15 PM CDT), we presented a quick demo how Akamas AI-powered optimization helped a leading European bank in delivering higher levels of performance and resilience to their end-users, while also reducing costs.

Online Event
Start Date:
14 Sep 2021 - 6:30 pm CEST
End Date:
14 Sep 2021 - 8:00 pm CEST


Giuseppe Nardiello

Giuseppe is passionate about bringing innovative solutions to the market. With a Ph.D. in Computational and Applied Mathematics and 20 years of experience in IT, Giuseppe has a track record of technical, product management and business development achievements.

Luca Chiabrera

Since he was a kid Luca loved to break stuff to understand how they worked. Over the last 14 years, he worked in the Performance Engineering space helping hundreds of customers across Europe to build and deliver fast and resilient services. Recently he moved to the US looking for a new playground and new challenges.

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