Akamas Accenture Chaosathon

Stefano Doni is delivering a presentation on “AI-powered resilience engineering” at Accenture Chaosathon 2022 on the 3rd of June, an online event for Accenture employees only.

In this session, Stefano will introduce the new discipline of AI-powered optimization that helps to automatically identify the best configurations to support any specific goal (e.g. resilience or cost efficiency), while also matching defined SLOs. He will discuss how AI-powered optimization can be seen as a required complement to chaos engineering that helps to identify the business impact of potential failure scenarios. 

Stefano will describe a couple of real-world cases where the adoption of AI-powered optimization enabled performance engineers and SREs to deliver higher resilience services at business speed and to improve their resilience engineering practices.

It is a great honor for both Stefano and Akamas to be part of such an event. If you are part of Accenture and you want to know more about AI and chaos engineering, make sure not to miss this opportunity.

Online conference
Start Date:
03 Jun 2022 - 11:30 am CEST
End Date:
03 Jun 2022 - 12:30 pm CEST


Stefano Doni

Stefano is obsessed with performance optimization and drives Akamas vision for Autonomous Performance Optimization powered by AI. Stefano has more than 15 years of experience in Performance Engineering and led Moviri Research & Development team before co-founding Akamas. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and in 2015 he won Computer Measurement Group Best Paper Award.

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