Autonomous Performance Optimization for the Cloud

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Application-level optimization in the cloud requires AI-powered, full-stack optimization, not just infrastructure-level predictions.

Companies of all sizes are embracing the cloud in the search of cost savings, faster time to market and innovation. Leading vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud are offering compelling pay-as-you-go services, with unlimited scale, relieving cloud adopters from the burden of infrastructure management.

The value proposition is obvious. And yet:

  • Many organizations pay for the cloud higher monthly bills than they expected;
  • Moving applications to the cloud turns their performance behavior into a black box with zero visibility;
  • True cloud optimization is overwhelmingly complex.

Cloud and third-party vendors offer tools that purportedly help customers right-size their cloud infrastructure, but can’t fully optimize the applications that run on that infrastructure. A new, AI-driven performance optimization approach optimizes cloud configurations considering the real impact they have on application performance. With autonomous performance optimization, cloud users can:

  • Decrease price-performance ratios by 70%;
  • Improve cloud infrastructure performance KPIs by 40%;
  • Accelerate 5x optimization process times. 

Download the brief to learn what the three main cloud optimization challenges are and how Akamas solves them.

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