This 451 Research report “Akamas activates automated optimization for cloud-native production environments” by analyst John Abbott (published: October 2022) describes how the Akamas optimization platform has evolved to support live optimization of Kubernetes applications

Read how 451 Research assesses Akamas new live optimization capabilities: 

Akamas [is] using AI techniques to tune cloud-native microservices applications. In September the company added a live option to version 3.0 of the Akamas Optimization Platform. Customers can now optimize their live systems running in production environments, although those of a more cautious disposition can still run the tool offline or insist on human approval before any optimizations are made.

Download this report to learn more about 451 take about Akamas:

  • Key product capabilities; 
  • Business model and pricing model;
  • Differentiators with respect to competition;
  • SWOT analysis.
NOTE: This report is an update to 451 Research “Initial Coverage” report by Jean Atelsek and Liam Rogers (published: July 2021) available here.

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