A Guide to Autonomous Performance Optimization

In this Performance Clinic episode, Stefano Doni explains the practical steps you need to take to automate optimizations of your enterprise, cloud, or database systems leveraging observability data from Dynatrace.
Speakers: Stefano Doni (Akamas) and Andreas Grabner (Dynatrace)

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AI-Driven Optimization: The Key to More Performance for Lower Costs

In this webinar with NeoLoad, we present our integration and a demo regarding the automatic optimization of a containerized Java application.
Speakers: Stefano Doni (Akamas) and Henrik Rexed (Neotys)

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Continuous Performance Optimization of Java Applications

Discover the benefits offered by shifting performance testing and optimization practices closer to development.
Neotys PAC 2020 – Giovanni Paolo Gibilisco

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