Kubernetes community days italy Akamas
KCD Italy 2021: Optimize Kubernetes costs while matching your application SLO using AI

Stefano Doni (Akamas CTO) will be a speaker at the Kubernetes Community Days Italy virtual event on Nov 18th 12:25 PM CET.  In the first part of the session, Stefano will explain why so many teams adopting Kubernetes face high

Dynataste Akamas
DynaTaste: Autonomous performance optimization – a real-world example

Akamas joins Provice and Dynatrace for the DynaTaste 2021 online event on October 21st at 6:00 pm CET to demonstrate how its innovative AI-based optimization solution revolutionizes the world of performance tuning.  Akamas AI-based optimization automatically identifies the best configuration

Performetriks Akamas event
Performetriks event: Autonomous performance optimization for the banking industry

In a fast-moving and ever-changing industry, finance companies are leveraging AI to achieve more with less, by empowering teams in troubleshooting complex problems and automatically optimizing applications at business speed. We participated in the 90-minute “Continuous Core Banking Performance Optimization”

Ignite by Akamas with Scott Moore
Ignite by Akamas: Performance engineering – a bright future?

Today, performance engineers and SREs are facing incredible challenges to ensure the performance and resilience of their services.  Multiple factors contribute to these challenges, including the complexity of applications, the variety of technologies involved and their dynamic nature (e.g. Kubernetes).