Akamas NeoLoad webinar

The Key to More Performance for Lower Costs

In the new normal, high performance and availability of digital services are vital, and so is cutting how much it costs to deliver them.

But technology complexity continues to increase: a typical application sits atop of many technology layers such as language runtime, middleware, database, container, and the cloud, each with hundreds of settings interacting in counterintuitive ways.

Waste, sub-optimal performance, and overprovisioning are often the norm. How can we identify the best configuration among billions? Traditional (and manual) trial-and-error has reached its limits.

In this webinar, Stefano Doni (CTO Akamas) and Henrik Rexed (Performance Engineer Neotys) will present Autonomous Performance Optimization, a new joint approach to optimize application performance and cost using artificial intelligence. We show how it can automate testing, analyze results, and apply optimal configurations to the target systems, faster and more reliably than human experts. We will share:

  • The cost and impact of the status quo;
  • How Akamas AI solves the optimization problem;
  • How the Akamas and NeoLoad integration works;
  • Demo: Automatically optimize a containerized Java application.

Tune in to see how Akamas and NeoLoad unlock unprecedented levels of performance and cost savings thanks to autonomous performance optimization.