Akamas Webinar Micro Focus live

Modern applications sit atop of many layers, such as Java Virtual Machines, container, database, cloud, and more, each providing hundreds of settings all interacting in complex and counterintuitive ways. Manual and trial-and-error performance tuning cannot cope with this complexity with today’s fast release cycles and business speed. As a result, incorrect configurations may cause poor application performance, low reliability, and resource (cost) inefficiency.

This webinar explores how an AI-driven Performance Optimization solution can allow performance engineers to automate testing, automatically identify optimal full-stack configurations to enable their companies to deliver unprecedented application performance and cost-saving, while also improving operational resiliency.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • The fundamental problem with performance optimization
  • Addressing the challenges with an AI-driven performance optimization
  • How performance optimization and performance engineering work together
  • Demo: optimizing a Java-based e-commerce application.

This session will combine the modern approach to performance optimization of Cyrus Manouchehrian, Micro Focus LoadRunner Product Management and Stefano Doni, Akamas Founder and CTO.